We believe being on a TEAM doesn't have a lot to do with your ability to make birdies, we believe it's all about commitment and positive action. We want TEAM members that believe in our brand, share the love of Disc Golf, help grow a positive community, and have fun.

Now is your chance to join our TEAM and have your own custom Disc Stack Sox!!!

Purchase the TEAM package, stack up approx. 20 discs, take a high quality picture, email it to and we will print you two pairs of your custom sox!

Shipping is included!!!

You will receive a discount code for all future purchases, and a code to share with friends and family. If you want to earn credit towards free product we can create a personal code we can track and you can share. 

Building a TEAM of friends and family is what we want. Comfortable sox, great quality, fun prints, and time spent together doing something we all love.

Welcome to the TEAM

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