About Us

Thanks for checking out our page... we are the Hollingsworth family. We hand print every sock we sell. We have five boys and one girl, and now our family has grown with marriages and grandchildren.

Our youngest son Cannon (16) is addicted to disc golf and is the one printing a majority of the sox. He plays regionally in local tournaments and is rated 926.

Instagram: @cannonhollingsworth

Chris (co-owner with his wife Kelly) just won his first official Disc Golf tournament and loves the sport. Chris was a past professional snowboarder as a kid, a golf pro, a plumbing contractor, and event producer/announcer. He still announces events like the Maverick's Surf Festival, The San Francisco Giants Race, and more, and he's a co-host of a weekly podcast. If he isn't in the sock shop, he's probably out fishing or throwing discs in the backyard.

Instagram: @mrwishiwazfishin

Kelly is the organized manager behind the scenes that keeps everything going. An accomplished athlete, a violin teacher, a female angler that can hold her own in tournaments against men, she understands what it takes to be in the public's eye on social media platform as she works as an ambassador with several brands of fitness clothing, healthy snacks, and other gear. Look out when she throws a disc, she's got an arm, she also enjoys lots of other sports; (ball) golf, tennis, pickleball, snowboarding, surfing, bike riding, and more.

Instagram: @misswishiwazfishin

Our Story:

We started printing Fish Sox and Disc Golf Sox three years ago as the pandemic brought an end to our 20 year event production company. We produced breast cancer events, Leukemia fundraisers, celebrity golf tournaments, paddle board races, triathlons and more. With public gatherings closed, we looked at alternative opportunities and we did something crazy... we learned everything we could about sublimation and began a journey.

We now print over 60 species of fish with our brand Fish Sox, and we have partnered with some of the biggest names in Disc Golf. Top players on Tour, high profile brands all love our sox, but our passion is working with like minded individuals growing the game at a grass roots level. We have an artistic background, and after 20 years of event production, we know exactly what it takes to be a tournament director. Our custom sox process is simple and easy to help you focus on the other important things. If you want custom sox for your event, your club, or a new brand, we are here to help.

We also love having a Team, it's our family connection to the sport. We work together on projects, fundraising, cross promotion, so we can all be successful.

Thanks again for checking out our page, see you on the Tee,

Tee Box Sox Family