TEAM 2024

Now is your chance to join our Official TEAM for 2024...
Send us an email and in the subject line put Team 2024 and please read this whole page before sending your email.
We had an amazing Team in 2023, so many victories on and off the course, but our favorite part was watching our Team members support each other. This is a huge part of being on our Team... Support other Team members. Simple things like following their social media channels, liking their posts, commenting on their posts, sharing them in your stories, but the opportunity is even more, you will have whole new group of friends united by sox!!! This isn't just about our sox, this is about building a family of like minded individuals that celebrate each other, but are also there during the tough times (we all have those, it's called life, you're not alone. We are in this together).
If you were on our Team in 2023 and want to continue working with us please send an email and tell us your favorite part of being on the Team, but also please include ways we can help you accomplish your goals, ways we can improve. 
Our Team needs to be diversified, Top Players from the Disc Golf Pro Tour, Amateur athletes of all levels, with a unified love of the sport, and an appreciation of quality Disc Golf Sox.
We want athletes that understand the value of a partnership, knowing our business goals is one part of the equation, but we also need to know your goals so together we can all be successful. We are a small Family owned business, and in joining our Team you are becoming part of our Family. Just like any Family, each member has unique qualities that they can share to help make sure all Family members feel supported and have the best chance for success.
If you are applying for our Team for the first time here are some tips for your email:
Consider this to be a resume, a true "Sponsor Me" email so we can learn who you are. Tell us about your disc golf journey, share highlights, goals, and how you plan to share our sox with the world.
Make sure you include links to social media pages so we can do our research and get to know you. One the most important details is to tell us why you love our sox.
Five questions to consider answering in your email:
What do you love about the sport of Disc Golf?
What do you love about Tee Box Sox?
How do you plan on growing the Sport of Disc Golf in 2023?
How can Tee Box Sox Family help you?
How will you be a benefit to the Tee Box Sox Family?
This year we will identify a Team Captain, a true cheerleader that understands growing the game, but most importantly builds up others.
What do I get as a Team Member?
Each Player will get Two Pairs of custom TEAM sox that can't be purchased. These will tell the world you are part of the Family. You will get a personal shopping code that you can use anytime for yourself to fill up your sock drawer with your favorite sox, saving your hard earned money (we will even let you use that code when you are shopping for gifts for friends and family). We will extend the opportunity for Team members to create custom sox they can sell themselves as fundraisers for the 2024 season. This was very successful for many players.  We have increased our MOQ for custom orders but we will keep things the same for our Team. More details on this if you are accepted as a Team Member.
We will share your quality content on our page and website helping grow your recognition in the community, and you will become part of a Team that has a common goal... Success for everyone.
We love this part of the business and look forward to reconnecting with our past team members, and we are excited to meet some new players.
Thank you and Good Luck,
Chris and Kelly