TEAM 2023

Now is your chance to join our Official TEAM for 2023...
Send us an email and in the subject line put Team 2023 and please read this whole page before sending your email.
Our Team needs to be diversified, Top Players from the Disc Golf Pro Tour, Amateur athletes of all levels, with a unified love of the sport, and an appreciation of quality Disc Golf Sox.
We want athletes that understand the value of a partnership, knowing our business goals is one part of the equation, but we also need to know your goals so together we can all be successful. We are a small Family owned business, and in joining our Team you are becoming part of our Family. Just like any Family, each member has unique qualities that they can share to help make sure all Family members feel supported and have the best chance for success.
There is one simple requirement prior to sending and email… You must own our Sox and use them when you play Disc Golf. If you don’t have any yet, here is a one time offer… use Code: TEAM2023 at checkout and buy some. You will get 40% off your entire order when you spend over $20. Please don’t share this code with the general public, this is for potential Team members that want to get more familiar with our products. The reason we are offering this discount is simple, we know you will love our Sox. If you are already familiar with our products, you plan on sending an email to Join the Team, and want to use the code to do some Christmas shopping, go ahead, it’s our one time offer to potential Team members, and a way of saying Thank You for your interest in Joining the TEE BOX SOX Family.
Now for the content of your email… Most Pros already know what should be included in a “Sponsor Me” email. Think of this as an official Resume you are sending to get a job. You can attach pictures, and any media you have been shared in, Past accomplishments, tournament results, let us know if you are on social media, where we can find your accounts, amounts of followers/subscribers, and some of your plans and goals for 2023. This isn’t just about making birdies, this is your chance to explain how we can work together, you might be an amazing online influencer, have artistic skills, creative content, we want to hear from you.
Five questions to consider answering in your email:
What do you love about the sport of Disc Golf?
What do you love about Tee Box Sox?
How do you plan on growing the Sport of Disc Golf in 2023?
How can Tee Box Sox Family help you?
How will you be a benefit to the Tee Box Sox Family?
We are so excited to launch this official program for 2023, we will accept email applications until December 15th.
Thank you.